50 Shades of Khaki: The Every Child Succeeds Act

This week I went shopping with my 16 year old to buy a pair of khakis. Khaki pants for my sons are literally and figuratively their uniform, they wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of jeans. My son typically does not want/need me to shop with him, but I was paying for this pair so I got to go on what I thought would be a simple shopping trip. After the fourth store, I began to understand the nuances of buying khaki pants. Not being a connoisseur of the fabulous fashion trend how could I have known that cotton pants made from a yellowish brown cloth would be so hard to purchase? After watching my children wear these demure pants day in and day out I had fell victim to thinking they were all the same. After spending considerable time and watching my son try on at least six pairs, I knew that I had been wrong. Each pair, while on the surface might seem the same, the fit was a little different with each style.

The new Every Child Succeeds Act (ECSA) is hailed as being superior to NCLB and the associated waivers because it no longer is a one-size-fits all approach. My recent shopping experience has helped me sum up what I believe are the major differences.

khaki pants

We are all still wearing khakis, however, the style of these pants is left up to the individual tastes of states. So while Alabama may think cargo pants are the way to go, the standard if you will, Iowa might choose the flat front style with pockets limited to the upper torso. (Testing)

If something needs repaired on the pants the method for fixing them is also left up to individual states. (Intervention)

If the pants aren’t holding up as they should the individual wearing the pants won’t be asked to detail why they aren’t holding up and risk losing their shirt! (Teacher Evaluation)

Attention to every detail of the pant is important. Regular inspection of the pants to make sure that all aspects are working will occur frequently. If the zipper isn’t working or there is a button missing, there must be a plan to fix immediately. (Subgroup performance)

Designer khakis are encouraged. Ideas to improve on the design, use, and production of the pant will be rewarded. (Grants for Innovation and Evidence based Strategies)

Finally, the sooner students get into the pants the better. This will develop a lifelong love for the khaki. (Preschool funding)

So this all sounds well and good, but what if we want to wear a pair of jeans? Maybe one size still doesn’t fit most.


January 22, 2016

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