A Solution to the Common Core Woes

For a very long time my husband has been really frustrated with the chore of cleaning out the gutters. Besides the obvious issues of this being a dirty job and having to clean them frequently because we live in a climate where there are four seasons, his biggest challenge has been how to reach the gutters without climbing on our wood shingled roof. He had a ladder, but it didn’t provide much comfort as leaning it up against the gutter made it very unstable. Low and behold he finally found a solution– the ladder stabilizer. While the job still requires his patient labor and is a long process the stabilizer has made this task more efficient and less dangerous (the part I love). ladder

For a very long time I have also been  a bit frustrated with one of my professional chores– developing curriculum. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) has made the process a bit easier but, there are still many challenges. The challenges I continue to run into are as follows:

  • engagement (or should I say lack of engagement by a broad group of stakeholders) in the process of developing curriculum
  • a lack of understanding of CCSS (as a result of limited engagement)
  • the sense of recreating the wheel in every district (especially now that we have CCSS)  AND
  • doing all of this in the most cost and time efficient manner

I bumped into what I feel could be a very interesting solution called Powernoodle which not only appears to meet these challenges but also helps prioritize needs and develop action steps so the problem gets solved rather than admired. It marries technology with process and people and results in more effective decisions made in timely fashion. I see this changing how curriculum development is traditionally done- so much so that I am interested in experimenting with it in a school district that might share my same frustrations. Powernoodle puts people and process at the center of the work which has been my professional mantra. So if anyone is interested in teaming up to see just how this solution can transform our work please contact me at anntmausbach@gmail.com

Could Powernoodle be for me what the Stabilizer is for my husband?

June 15, 2016

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