Video testimonial from Amy Moine,  Professional Learning Coordinator at AEA 267 in Cedar Falls, IA and Kim Tierney, Elementary Principal and School Administrators of Iowa Principal of the Year, 2014.  

    When Dr. Mausbachs name is mentioned, three adjectives come to mind: visionary, relentless, and supportive. She leads strong  professional development sessions for principals, and organizes curriculum in achievable sequences.  

    Garry Millbourn

    Principal, Longfellow Elementary

    Put simply, most of what I know about school improvement I have learned from Ann Mausbach.  She has taught me about the importance of staff feedback letters, the value of student displays of work, the power of using a data consult to drive your school improvement plan, how to develop a professional development plan and to monitor it, as well as, how to align all of the above to successfully change a school’s academic, behavioral, and social climates. - Dr. Jason Plourde, Principal Thomas Jefferson High School, Milken Award Winner

    Dr. Jason Plourde

    Dr. Jason Plourde

    High School Principal
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