Consulting Services

Online • In Person

Onsite Support

Onsite support typically includes three to five days of consulting work across the school year. These sessions are designed to meet the needs of the district and to ensure that concepts and new ideas are implemented with fidelity.

Keynotes & Workshops

Ann will work with your team to provide high quality professional learning that provides practical solutions to improving results for students.  


eConsulting is a cost effective way to receive ongoing and needs-based support through video conferencing or webinars. Contract with Ann to engage in planning, problem-solving, or for professional learning via webinar.

Helping You Find Success

The work of improving schools is complex

Ann is available to work with large or small groups of teachers and administrators as they develop and implement school improvement processes. Ann will provide practical examples and tools in the area of mission development, data collection, professional development and supervision. Her understanding of the change process can help any school kick off or deepen improvement efforts.

How it works?

It Starts with Collaboration

The first step is to schedule a time to talk. Ann will listen as you share current issues and needs in your organization. Understanding the unique successes and challenges of your district or school promotes a two-way conversation that leads to problem-solving and action planning.

Action Planning

Together a plan will be identified that helps your team meet or improve outcomes for students. Services that Ann can provide to support you in these endeavors will be outlined.


Impact and implementation data will be collected as the action plan is enacted. Ann will work with your team to ensure that efforts are on track.

Measure Success

Results will be analyzed in order to determine next steps in the improvement journey.

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